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Taiwanese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Vincentians

Taiwanese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Vincentians


Vincentians who have benefitted from training in Taiwan joined the Taiwanese community here in celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday.{{more}}

The festival, one of the most important on the lunar calendar for ethnic Chinese, is characterised by persons returning to their family homes to celebrate with relatives.

The festival takes place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, when the moon is at its brightest and roundest.

Barbecues are an integral part of the celebration in Taiwan.

The local Taiwan embassy and two Taiwan alumni associations here organised a barbecue on Sunday at the Overseas Engineering and Construction Company (OECC) in Argyle to mark the event.

The Vincentians were also treated to multimedia presentations on the festivals, and Rohan McDonald, said to be the first Vincentian to receive a full scholarship to study in Taiwan, spoke of his experience there and how it prepared him for his work in agriculture here.

Among the persons in attendance were Taiwan Ambassador to this country, Weber Shih; Peter Jan, manager of OECC; Tasheka Haynes, president of the SVG Taiwan ICDF Alumni Society; and Gordon Shallow, president of the Taiwan Alumni Association.