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Father doubts son hanged himself

Father doubts son hanged himself


The father of the student who police say committed suicide last month says he doubts that his son killed himself.{{more}}

“I don’t believe he hang himself and even if it takes me 20 years from now, I am going to get the truth out of this,” Stephen “Hammer” Haynes told SEARCHLIGHT last week.

An autopsy concluded that Dominic Spencer, 17, died of hanging and police say his death was a suicide.

Spencer’s body was found at his Redemption Sharpes home on September 18.

“When they showed me where [he was found], I say nahh, he can’t hang himself there,” Haynes said.

The father said he knew his son was experiencing personal problems and on a few occasions the two discussed those issues.

“I don’t want to publicly call nobody name and the problems he had, but even if he did hang himself, I believe is because of those home problems. He was not happy home,” he said.

Haynes further noted that on several occasions, his late son had informed him of some of the issues he was facing and was very upset.

“He didn’t tell me what happen at first. He told his friends and I heard about it. Then one day he came over by me and I asked him and he said he would deal with it himself.

“At age 17? I said boy you are too young to deal with these things by yourself.

“I told him, ‘Boy you cannot keep these things on your head to build up. If you can’t make it there (home), come and look for me. Come and look for me, let’s talk.’ But he never came…” Haynes said.

“That is why I believe it end up how it ended up now, but I still believe that there is more to this. I don’t believe my child hang he self just so,” Haynes added.

He said he feels terrible about the circumstances surrounding Dominic’s death.

He, however, stated that he did not believe his son’s “problems” caused his suicide as other relatives say they do.

“They said they took him to Marian House and seek all kinds of help for him, but he never say what was the problem. He was not happy … I knew that, he told me that!

“I am not here to point fingers at anybody but I am just not satisfied,” Haynes said.

Dominic’s death brings to five the number of suicides reported here so far, for the year.

The former Intermediate High School student was described as a “humble”, “respectable” and “quiet individual”. (AA)