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Ten-year-old thanks Courts for hosting reading competition

Ten-year-old thanks Courts for hosting reading competition


The 2011 winner of the Courts St Vincent Limited national primary schools reading competition Solange Compton showed why she was crowned the local ‘queen’, as she made her ‘final walk’ at the media launch of the 2012 competition on Tuesday.{{more}}

The petite ten-year-old, a grade five pupil of the Kingstown Preparatory School, wowed the audience, who gathered on the showroom floor of the Kingstown store, as she spoke of the experience and exposure she gained from the competition.

“Winning this competition has been beneficial in a lot of ways; the experience was enjoyable,” she said, at the start of her speech, which she told SEARCHLIGHT that she prepared for the occasion, with little adult supervision.

“As the winner, I was able to travel to St Kitts to represent my country in the OECS regional finals competition. Although I did not capture the title, I gained more knowledge and met new friends from other Caribbean countries,” Compton continued.

The daughter of Lyf Compton and Afie Charles, Solange admitted that she was humbled by the fact that winning the event made her a role model for children her age, and offered some advice for her fans.

“Other children in my school, my community, and my country are now looking up to me,” she said.

“I want to encourage children to read because reading is important. If you cannot read, you will have problems with all your subjects in school. Instead of watching the television or playing video games, read a book and challenge yourself. Give yourself about two weeks to finish that particular book.

“When you read, you explore, imagine and you grow.”

Giving some plug to one of the competition’s sponsors, Compton encouraged children to attend the Jujube bookstore’s reading program, which she said she attends and enjoys, and where books are read to children.

The Lodge Village resident used the opportunity to thank the persons who contributed in one way or the other to her journey, showed support, and encouraged her.

“A special thank you to Courts SVG Limited for hosting such a competition.

“I want to especially thank Mrs Gailene Wickham, my grade three teacher who saw my ability and believed in me. I would also like to thank SVG Broadcasting Corporation, especially the staff at SVG TV for being kind and patient with me when I read the news. You made me feel at home.

“Mommy who supported me, my granny, who accompanied me to St Kitts, family who encouraged me, and my classmates, my principal and my teachers.”

Among other prizes, the winner of this year’s competition will travel to Dominica to compete in the regional finals on November 15.(JJ)