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Organisations in Union Island collaborate to stop dumping practice

Organisations in Union Island  collaborate to stop dumping practice


Indiscriminate dumping in the Ashton Lagoon area of Union Island has set in motion community action to stop the dumping.{{more}}

Community members, along with the Ashton Multi Purpose Cooperative (AMCO), are shining a light on this unsightly practice, but the perpetrators continue to throw garbage between the mangroves, a release from Sustainable Grenadines Inc. (SusGren) said.

“This frequent practice of dumping on ecologically sensitive land is not only bad for the health of humans, but it also poses a serious threat to marine life. Garbage such as plastic bags and food wrappers can easily be mistaken for food by fish and birds and can be ingested and present a choking hazard for the animals,” the release said.

SusGren, in collaboration with the Southern Grenadines Water Taxi Association (SGWTA), are taking the first steps to dissuade dumpers. The group constructed and posted a signboard in the area to remind dumpers of the fine of over $50,000 if caught dumping.

SusGren and the SGWTA are urging those responsible for these acts to desist at once. SusGren also encourages people to report to the relevant authorities if they see anyone dumping garbage in the lagoon area.

“This dumping practice is an ongoing problem. According to reports, yachters in the area produce waste, which is collected by some local boat operators familiar with the Grenadines, who then illegally dump the trash in the lagoon, without the knowledge of the yachters,” the release said.

SusGren is a non-governmental organisation that works throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada to empower community groups, while at the same time focusing on the conservation and sustainability of coastal and marine environments for the people of the Grenadines.