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Vitamalt takes care of parents

Vitamalt takes care of parents


Twenty parents won gift vouchers redeemable at R.C Enterprises and Gaymes Book Centre, as part of the Vitamalt back-to-school promotion.{{more}}

Winners collected their vouchers yesterday at the St Vincent Brewery Ltd in Campden Park, the company said in a release.

The Vitamalt back-to-school promotion commenced on August 6 and each week 16 winners won vouchers to purchase back-to-school items.

To compete, persons had to place four Vitamalt crowns in an envelope and drop them into designated boxes.

For the final week of the promotion, Vitamalt increased the winnings to 20 persons.

During the promotion, the Vitamalt brand team visited various summer camps, distributing free Vitamalt and gift vouchers.

Vitamalt continues to live up to its tagline “Vitamalt takes care of you”, by supporting many educational, health and wellness activities, the company further said.