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Video game fanatics hyped for first ever national competition

Video game fanatics hyped for first ever  national competition


More than 90 video game enthusiasts in St Vincent and the Grenadines have already registered for the first ever national gaming competition here.{{more}}

The competition on October 20 at the Peace Memorial Hall, is being organized by Club Gamerz International. Club Chairman Al Miguel said the tournament will bring together some of the best video game enthusiasts here.

“This is our inaugural event that we are actually pushing. It is the first of its kind in St Vincent and the Grenadines; never before has something of this magnitude been attempted.”

“Games that are up for trophies and medals are Halo Custom Edition and Call of Duty 2; these are basically first person shooter games, and it’s primarily a team game… and we are thinking of bringing in some of the racing games into the tournament to add a little variety.”

The competition is open for persons 15 years and older, and Miguel pointed out that there will be quizzes and giveaways throughout the event.

“There’s also going to be a free for all gaming hour, where members of the general public can also bring their games, and be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills,” he added.

According to the chairman, the event is going to live streamed on various media, which he said is another first for gaming here.

Miguel said that apart from the upcoming competition, the club has a number of other events in the pipeline.

“We have other projects which we are working on as well such as a TV tech show, sponsored walks, a magazine and exhibition days and demonstrations and stuff like that as well.”

Miguel used the opportunity to encourage video game enthusiasts to sign up for the competition, join the club, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.