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Police scholarship holders get ‘sound’ career advice

Police scholarship holders get ‘sound’ career advice


The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is not only fulfilling its mandate to provide its scholarship holders with financial assistance, it is also making sure they are given sound career advice.{{more}}

On Tuesday, management consultant and motivational speaker Dr Julian Ferdinand delivered a lecture on career advice to current scholarship holders at the Old Montrose police station.

Ferdinand, urging his audience to always strive for better, said: “Always ask yourself: ‘As good as I am now, how can I be better?’

“You have to excel. You cannot settle for mediocrity.”

Ferdinand’s lecture included information on 17 basic careers, deciding which career to pursue, and useful tips and advice to assist in achieving career goals.

He pointed out that career choices should be carefully thought through, and should be based on the individual’s personality type, interests and his/her perception of societal needs.

Ferdinand urged students to avoid making career choices based solely on the money, power or fame that it could potentially provide. He also said they should not choose careers based on what their friends have chosen, or what their parents think is right for them.

“It is one of the most critical choices you will make in your life,” he said.

Some of the career paths he highlighted included agriculture, construction, telecommunications, tourism, media, sport, education/humanities, mathematics/science, health care and the arts, among others.

Ferdinand also advised students to not limit themselves as to which career they choose, and to keep persevering, even when set back by failure.

He explained to them that, as a youth, he had failed the Common Entrance Examination, but his mother’s belief in him had spurred him on to achieve greater things.

“There will be times when you feel like giving up … Keep going through!” he said.

Ferdinand said that students should believe in themselves and never let others convince them that they cannot do a particular career or are worthless.

“You are unique … special… There is none like you!”

He also encouraged students to read widely, because doing so is essential to succeed in any career they choose. Ferdinand spoke about St Lucian nationals Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis (both Nobel laureates), who are both advocates of reading from all genres.

Commisioner of Police Keith Miller gave also gave brief remarks. In thanking Dr Ferdinand for his “inspiring” words, he urged students to take heed of the motivational speaker’s advice.

“Look at this as a new way forward for you,” he said. “Let your career paths start here today.”

Miller also said that as scholarship holders, student’s educational progress will be monitored, and he will organise for them to receive additional help in their weak areas.(JV)