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Police encouraged to maintain peace and tranquility in SVG

Police encouraged to maintain peace and tranquility in SVG


Police officers here have been encouraged to link the tourism industry with their own sustainability as well as the overall growth of the nation.{{more}}

The importance of this symbiotic relationship was made clear on Tuesday, at a lecture organized by Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, at the Old Montrose Police Station with the general body of the organization.

Presentations were made by Minister of Tourism, Cecil Mc Kie, and Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Authority, Glen Beache.

Commissioner Miller delivering brief remarks reminded police officers in attendance that, “our main function is security of the state.

“Our main function is that we manage crime, encourage peace and tranquility,” said Miller.

Mc Kie disclosed that in 2010, visitors to the country spent approximately EC$236 million, but this figure slightly declined in 2011 with visitor spending of approximately EC$234 million.

Against this backdrop, the police were told that they are a primary stakeholder in protecting the tourism product. “The tourist dollar helps to accomplish a number of things such as providing salaries for all of us, repairing buildings as well as contributing to many other spill offs,” said Mc Kie.

Mc Kie encouraged the police to familiarize themselves with popular tourist sites such as Owia Salt Pond, Black Point, Rawacou, Belmont Lookout, Dark View Falls, the Botanic Gardens, Villa Beach, Mt. Wynne, Salt Whistle Bay and Indian Bay.

Mc Kie told the audience that in 2014 when the international airport officially opens the demands on the police as well as other stakeholders in the industry will triple.

Beache narrowed his focus on the importance of the police having good public relations with people who visit the country.

“One of the things we have to learn to do is how we deal with people; the public relations of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Beache.

He said those with the responsibility of marketing the country can do without having to utilize time and resources for damage control.

Beache disclosed that at the moment, the country receives approximately 85,000 passengers annually, but projections are that with the coming on stream of the international airport, this figure can increase to approximately 180,000 to 214,000 passengers.

“If we don’t get our acts together, we are going to lose all of that and there will be nobody else to blame but us …. I am asking all of you here to take this industry seriously,” Beache said. He added: “If there is a fault, let it not be the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

Police officers were provided with the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions about how they can enhance their roles.

Meanwhile, 10 members enlisted as tourist police in the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on September 16, 2002, will celebrate their 10th anniversary this Sunday, September 16. Celebrating this milestone under the Command of Superintendent Stenila Francis are Evelyn Da Silva, Dorithia Halugon, Jean Holder, Alex Ince, Saskia Ettienne, Elvesta McLean, Reuben Johnson, Fiona Da Souza, Aldis Holder, and Esther Nanton.