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Information for Vincentians wishing to travel to Canada


Following the recent implementation of a visa requirement for Vincentian nationals travelling to Canada on vacation, the Canadian government has released information to answer queries that interested persons may have.{{more}}

In the ‘visas and immigration’ section of the High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago website, several questions are answered.

The website states that as of September 11, 2012, Vincentian and St Lucian nationals require a temporary resident visa to travel to the North American country.

“Canada assesses several factors when deciding whether a country’s citizens need a visa. St Lucia and St Vincent no longer meet all of the criteria for visa exemption,” it stated.

Nationals of these two countries can apply for visas through the Canadian visa office in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Applications can be made by mail, by courier or in person. In the upcoming months, travellers to Canada will be able to apply for their temporary visas online.

Vincentian/St Lucian nationals who reside overseas and want to travel to Canada can apply for their visas at the Canadian visa office nearest to where they reside.

Visas will cost individuals CAD$75 (for single entry) or CAD$150 (for multiple entry). A family rate of CAD$400 applies for six or more persons travelling requesting single entry, or three or more persons travelling requesting multiple entry.

A multiple entry temporary resident visa is valid for up to 10 years, and cannot be issued beyond the date of the passport’s expiry date.

Fees are non-fundable, regardless of the application’s outcome, and must be paid by bank draft from any commercial bank payable to ‘High Commission of Canada’.

Visa processing time is estimated at 10 business days, on the application being received by the Canadian visa office.

The website also states that most applicants will not need an interview to be granted visas, but if one is necessary, the visa office will contact the applicant. Additionally, most applicants will not require a medical examination, but if the applicant plans to stay longer than six months or is entering the country to work in certain occupations (such as teaching or health care work), he/she may need to undergo one.

It is not mandatory for Vincentians/St Lucians who already have or are in the process of applying for work and study permits to apply for a temporary resident visa, as this is included in work/study permits.

Students/temporary workers can only apply for the temporary resident visa in Canada if they are legally admitted with a Canadian residential address, if their documents are still valid, and if they plan to return to Canada in the near future.

Vincentians/St Lucians who have US residency and wish to visit Canada do not need a temporary resident visa.

More information can be found on the website:—and—tobago-trinite—et—tobago/visas/index.aspx?menu—id=2&view=d