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No video of Camillo’s arrest


Vincentians will not get to see on YouTube the video of the March 28 arrest in New York, of Camillo Gonsalves, the nation’s ambassador to the United Nations, unless Kingstown sues the New York Police Department.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves had said that his government would have sourced and released the video, so that citizens could see what actually transpired.

But the younger Gonsalves, the son of the prime minister, told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday that the government does not have the video.

“The police have possession of the video, but we cannot get possession of the video absent a subpoena,” he explained.

“So, if we decide to take legal action against the police for their action, we could get the video as part of that legal process, or if we decide to take legal action against the building owner,” the diplomat further said.

“But we requested the video, but they say their policy, it is security video governed by certain rules and privacy regulations and the like, that, if we are litigants, they would provide the video pursuant to a subpoena.

“But they don’t just give out the video footage. So, the government doesn’t have it to place on YouTube at this time,” the ambassador further told SEARCHLIGHT. (