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We went to lengths to assist Uroy – Commissioner Miller

We went to lengths to assist Uroy – Commissioner Miller


The Police Force “went to lengths to assist” Uroy “Laybay” Robertson, the 24-year-old man who was killed on Sunday, “in keeping out of trouble,” Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has said.{{more}}

Laybay’s rap sheet includes charges for robbery, possession of illegal guns, and shooting at people.

“We spoke to him on several occasions. We assigned him to our forensic psychologist. And I have to be careful when I tell you we got jobs for him. This has nothing to do with his evidence,” Miller told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, of the man whose evidence led to two other men being sentenced to life in prison for murder.

“This has to do with him being unemployed. He has a child and we wanted him to be reintegrated into the mainstream society,” the police chief further said of cops’ effort to find work for Robertson.

“So, we did several things to help him, even before he testified. So, he was a work in progress. He would stay on track for three months and the next three months is just trouble,” Miller said.

He, however, said that the police had also done similar things for “problematic” youngsters.

“We have gotten jobs for people in Ottley Hall and Sharpes. We are doing a similar thing for problematic young men in Ottley Hall and Sharpes and other places. But I am saying Uroy because you ask me about Uroy,” Miller told SEARCHLIGHT. (KXC)