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Students treated to a healthy breakfast at Café Soleil

Students treated to a healthy breakfast at Café Soleil


Students in and around Kingstown were earlier this week treated to a healthy breakfast, compliments Café Soleil.{{more}}

On Tuesday, the restaurant introduced its new breakfast menu in style, offering free meals to a number of the younger patrons of the establishment, who would usually come around that time of the day.

Café Soleil’s manager Janice Nelson said that the initiative was the restaurant’s way of introducing the new selections to the public, as well as to show appreciation to the students who had supported the restaurant in the past school terms.

“Our students, which are our next generation, need to be taught the importance of taking care of themselves, which includes one of the most important features of their mornings which is a healthy breakfast.

“So we decided that most places will give out school books and different kinds of well-to-dos and we decided that we will do a breakfast at the café,” Nelson said.

Nelson indicated that in addition to the codfish and bakes, scrambled eggs and pancakes, which had been previously available, bacon, sausages, cheese, hash browns, bananas, strawberries and chocolate chip (in pancakes) have been added.

She said that the meals have been priced with the students in mind, and are affordable.

Pretty soon, Nelson said, the students can also expect a lunch special at the café.

“I just want to let the students know that Café Soleil really enjoyed the last term that they came and supported us, so this is our way of saying thank you.

“They can also check out our Facebook Café Soleil page, and that they can also add if there is anything that we are not offering that they would like, so we can compromise and help out.”

Tuesday’s event was well attended by students and some parents, who complimented the restaurant management on the gesture.(JJ)