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Results of DNA tests inconclusive – Police

Results of DNA tests inconclusive – Police


Police have received the results of tests conducted on DNA samples, which they had hoped would tell them whether a decomposed body found in the Daphine-Welcome area on October 30, 2011 was that of Shanika Small, who was last seen on October 23, 2011.{{more}}

But there is not much new to report: the results of the tests were inconclusive.

“We received samples from one, but there is a need for us to do further [testing] because the first analysis is inconclusive, so we are seeking the assistance of another lab,” Commissioner of Police Keith Miller told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

The disappearance of the 20-year-old Dauphine resident captured the nation’s attention, after it became known that her last communication was a text message to a friend saying “call 911”.

Police have also sent overseas samples from two other decomposing bodies. One of the bodies is believed to be that of 12-year-old Layou resident Stephon Miller. The decomposed body was found on November 4, 2011, in the Layou mountains, five weeks after the boy went missing from his home in London Road, Layou.

The other body is believed to be Anthony “Brassy” Nero, 52, of Redemption Sharpes. On September 13, 2011, a decomposed body, believed to be that of Nero, was found in a septic tank in the yard of Stefforn Williams at Redemption Sharpes.

The samples were sent for analysis late last year.

“We are still working on those. Those are still being investigated,” Miller told SEARCHLIGHT Tuesday.

Asked why it is taking so long to receive the results, Miller said: “That has to do with the lab. We will ask for a speedy turn around, but the length of time that is taken, that boils right to the lab itself.”

He, however, would not disclose to SEARCHLIGHT, the name or location of the lab. (