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Feel more secure with ‘Do It Yourself SVG’


A spokesperson for the latest security company in St Vincent and the Grenadines says that the average person can feel more secure in their homes, apartments or business places, with their products, which will allow customers to be in control of their own security.{{more}}

According to the representative of Do It Yourself SVG (DIYSVG), the company specializes in wireless self monitoring alarm systems, hidden cameras and also LED Lighting fixtures.

The representative said that their products are effective, reliable and affordable.

“It’s different from the other security companies in that we don’t do monitoring, there are no monthly fees and we don’t have the guys that would come around; you just do it yourself. In terms of installation, we provide that service if you so desire.”

“You buy these little gadgets, and you can put them on windows and doors and they take care of your security.”

The spokesperson, who said the concept of providing these products arose when the home of one of the company directors was burglarized, gave rundown of some of the products and their effectiveness.

“We have a complete wireless alarm systems in that it comes with a control panel and door and window motion sensors, and the great feature about this is that it is self monitored.”

“In the event that somebody breaks into your home, the alarm will sound off and you can program up to nine different numbers with a voice message of your choice, and it will call all those persons that you program.”

“What we are trying to do is to bring back this whole community awareness, similar to neighborhood watch; the person who would help you is the one closest to you. so that is what we are trying to encourage”.

“Another thing is that we have an intelligent lighting system called Mr. Beams. It’s a motion sensor lighting system that is good for the hurricane season when the power goes out that will light up and would send out a signal and light up the other lights that you have purchased.”

He also spoke of a wireless lighting system that comes on as you pass by. They come on only at night and are battery operated, as well as a door stopper which prevents doors from being opened, and at the same time sets off an alarm.

The representative said that persons wishing to purchase their products, or get more information about them can check out their website at