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Digicel assists students with $500 scholarships

Digicel assists students with $500 scholarships


Tears of joy were the order of the evening at Digicel’s head office last Friday, as the telecommunications company gave away ten EC$500 scholarships to successful Common Entrance Examinations students.{{more}}

All of the parents of the ten scholarship winners took turns thanking the Digicel team present at the scholarship ceremony, for what all of them described as much needed help. A number of them openly cried tears of joy.

The mother of one recipient said that she was wondering where the money would come from to send her daughter back to school and was so relieved when she got the call from Digicel’s Human Resource Manager Michelle Thomas.

“I was so happy”, said the mother who thanked God for the blessing.

The grandmother of one little boy said that she was extremely happy to get the help to send her grandson back to school. She revealed that the mother of the child was in prison and the help was much needed.

Another mother said that she prayed about the scholarship and when she got the call she knew that God had answered her prayers.

“Thank God for this help and thank Digicel and I hope that the company continues to prosper with God’s help”, said the thankful single parent.

One parent revealed, “I really didn’t have the money to finish buying school supplies so I am very grateful and I am going to make sure that my son works hard”.

One lady said that she has a medical condition that stops her from holding a steady job, “so I am very thankful for the help”.

Channel Manager and President of Digicel’s Social Club Gershom Dick congratulated the students on gaining the scholarships.

“We are very happy to assist you in this new chapter of your lives and I would like you to continue working hard as education is one the surest ways out of poverty”, said Dick.

Persons were awarded the scholarships after they filled out an application form. They were also asked to attach a letter stating why they should be considered for one of the scholarships.

Dick explained that some of the money for the scholarship was derived from the company’s annual Fun Walk, which was held on May 1st this year. The Fun Walk was held in collaboration with the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Social Club.

Country Manager Sonia Polius said that the scholarship initiative was made possible by contributions from not only Digicel but the company’s staff members.

“Part of this money has come from Digicel, and part has come from the staff members themselves”, said Polius. while congratulating the students.

She also stressed to the students that it is important for them to continue doing well, as being educated is very important.

“I hope you have a very successful school career and always remember that hard work is the key to success”, said Polius, who added that professionals all have one thing in common, “they work very hard, so you work hard also and you will succeed”.

The ten scholarship recipients are Ajuna Bruce, Havlyn Gill, Adrian Primus, Gwennique Samuel, Racheal Hillocks, Ziannah Smart, Duane Andrews, Taviah Thomas, Ariel Pollard and Henrika Samuel.