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Customers win $1,500 from LIME

Customers win $1,500 from LIME


LIME Mega Moments promotion continues with lots of excitement and energy, as five more lucky winners from week four came in to claim their $1,500!{{more}}

The vibrant Calypsonian Denise Stephens, aka Lady D, filled the store with excitement and energy as she accepted her prize with enthusiasm! Denise was extremely excited and stated that she has been a LIME customer for many years, as she bought one of the first cell phones. She further noted “LIME is my number 1 choice! When I started creeping, Cable & Wireless helped and taught me to walk. Now that I am walking, I can only run my marathon with LIME!”

Fiona Dennie-Pierre was another happy recipient of $1,500 compliments LIME. Fiona expressed her gratitude for the timely prize.

“I just spent this amount on school supplies” says Fiona, “So I am happy to put the money right back into the bank.” Fiona is now a LIME mobile customer and qualified for the draw when she took advantage of our “SWITCH” promotion. “I just want everyone to know that I SWITCHED my service, because I was frustrated with my other provider,” expressed Fiona.

Cheryl Roberts was the third winner and was surprised, but very grateful for “winning something for the first time!” Cheryl signed up for fixed line and Internet services and is now walking away with $1,500! When asked about her plans for the money, Cheryl said “I am going to donate this money to my deceased father’s church, as I am truly blessed because of him.”

Up to press time, the remaining winners have not claimed their prizes.

LIME Mega moments will continue throughout the summer and will see five winners weekly each winning $1,500 every day. A total of thirty customers will each win $1,500 in this promotion, for a grand total of $45,000. You can be one of the lucky winners; just choose LIME now!