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45 students benefit from Police Scholarships

45 students benefit from Police Scholarships


Parents of students receiving scholarships at the beginning of the 2012 academic school year, through the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force’s scholarship program, have described the gesture as the ‘cream of the crop’ in scholarships.{{more}}

The parents were speaking at last Thursday’s presentation ceremony, held at the Old Montrose Police Station, where 45 children of police, coastguard and the auxiliary arms of the organization, were recognized by Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, and Assistant Commissioner of Police Michael Charles.

Their scholarships run from their entrance into secondary school up to their exit from a post-secondary institution.

The parents, both members of the force and civilians, while thanking the organization for the contribution to their children’s education, said that the gesture eased their burden, and provides more than other scholarships.

“It is a good thing because it helps a lot of police officers where their children are concerned. I think it’s one of the best initiatives that the police force has, and I am grateful that I am part of this organization, and I hope I will be around long enough so that it can help me with my daughter,” Corporal Johnson pointed out.

“I must say that I am very happy, with the fifty dollars for the book loan scheme, I don’t get all the books, but with the police scholarships, you get all the books, Bibles, loose leaf, geometry set, and transportation,” added Sergeant Browne.

One other parent, who singled out COP Miller and Sergeant Oliver for their dedication to the program, said that there was no comparison to other scholarship programs in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I went to a couple of scholarship ceremonies, and they boast about being cream of the crop, where providing scholarships for members are concerned; well I guess every one must blow their own trumpet, but I must say that the police scholarship is very outstanding,” she said.

“Most scholarships give one cheque and that’s it, but the police scholarship is exceptionally well, and I hope that each student appreciates this gesture and don’t just sit back and relax but would make the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force proud, and I hope when they do that, they announce it publicly who assisted them with their education.”

The commissioner, addressing the recipients and parents, commended the students for their success at the Common Entrance exams, and expressed his pride in the parents who stood by their children.

He urged the students to look at the upcoming school years as a journey, which he would hoped they would aspire to go all the way.

He also said that contributing to the education of the students can also be seen as a tool for fighting crime.

“If you do not remember anything else, I want you to remember the word focus. If you are not focused and if you do set your goals, you would not be able to achieve.”

“Our role is not just to investigate reports and to make arrests and things like that. We have an equally critical role to play in respect of the development of people. To me it’s a crime fighting strategy also.”

Having our people on the right path will assist in the alleviation and the prevention of crime,” Miller stated.

Also speaking to the students was Station Sergeant Tekla Andrews, who spoke on the importance of education.

“My recommendation to you is to pursue education, and the police force has taken the initiative to allow you the opportunity to educate yourselves…. We want you to remain focused on your education and to commit yourself to learning.” Andrews said.

“We are here to assist you and we will continue to do so,” she added.(JJ)