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Skarpyon signs one-year deal to promote KFC

Skarpyon signs one-year deal to promote KFC


Local artiste Shernell ‘Skarpyon’ Williams is the face and voice of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).{{more}}

Williams and KFC signed a one-year contract on Saturday that will see him promoting the KFC brand through song, appearances on billboards and other promotional activities.

The deal coincides with the official launch of the company’s new tag line ‘So Good’ which KFC General Manager Shanda Boyea said replaces the tag lines ‘We do Chicken Right’ and ‘Finger Licking Good’.

“We have moved away from that and are now reinventing self,” she said.

“He (Williams) will be partnering with us to get our name out there,” Boyea added.

Boyea said the idea was born after she saw Williams performing at one of the local calypso tents.

This was during the planning stage of the brand relaunch.

“And we were wondering what was the most effective way to get the customers involved”, Boyea said.

After seeing his presence on stage, the company decided that Williams fit the ideal and after a few meetings, the day had come for the official business deal to be sealed.

It was more than just his performance, she further said, adding that she thought that Williams represented the right ideals that KFC also represented.

“And we thought that we would like to associate him with our brand,” she said.

Meanwhile, Williams said that he was extremely pleased to be associated with the brand and that he intends to do his best.

Saturday’s launch also saw the announcement of the newest addition to the KFC menu — the ‘Roller’.

Boyea said customers can savour something from the new dessert line, to be launched in October. In December, the company will unveil more of its new menu, he said.

Activities to kick-start the rebranding included a motorcade and a family fair at Heritage Square. (DD)