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LIME features Argyle International Airport on 2012-2013 telephone directory

LIME features Argyle International  Airport on 2012-2013 telephone directory


LIME’s placement of an artist’s sketch of the Argyle International Airport on its 2012-2013 telephone directory signals the company’s recognition of the importance of the facility to this country’s development,{{more}} Dr Rudy Matthias, chief executive officer of the International Airport Development Company (IADC) said.

Matthias at the official launch of the publication,said that the IADC greatly appreciated the gesture. The IADC, he said, was overwhelmed by what may arguably be the most beautiful and most important cover within recent times.

“It also is a signal to us at the IADC of the support of LIME to nation-building and in particular to the project to which we are engaged at Argyle,” Matthias said.

“We believe, from our point of view, that this directory is part of the whole process of trying to promote what we are doing at Argyle …

“So when LIME came to us and said that they want to use the airport project on its cover, it was an easy decision for us to support them, because we recognise straightaway that this directory is going to be in the homes of all Vincentians and in business places … and I believe it is going to become one of these directories that will be kept by Vincentians everywhere”.

Leslie Jack, general manager of LIME, reinforced Matthias’ view.

He pointed out that placing the airport project on the cover of the directory was in keeping with the drive to raise the awareness of this new development, and for Vincentians to grasp current and future economic and social opportunities that are expected to be brought about.

“With this initiative, it is our hope that more businesses would come on board and lend their support to the development of this project; schools may plan field trips to the site, as a means of using the project as a primary source of classroom discussion around history and geography, echoing the sentiments of our Prime Minister who recently mentioned the significance of geography and history in the classrooms and the initiatives that will be implemented to improve grades.”

Jack further said his company has made it a tradition to feature local and historical aspects of St Vincent and the Grenadines on its directories.

He said this year LIME thought it fitting to feature the airport project on the directory cover, in an effort to engender national pride among Vincentians.

“We have been consistent in our efforts to highlight matters of national importance. Our distribution channel will ensure that over 30,000 directories will make it into the homes and offices locally and abroad. We would like to thank IADC, and moreso, the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines for this opportunity.”

The airport project, which began in 2008, is expected to be completed next year, and should be operational by mid-2014.

Matthias told the audience that the project is on track.