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Community College graduate aims at career in medicine or engineering

Community College graduate aims at career in medicine or engineering


O’Mark Andrews, one of this year’s top performers at the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies of the Community College, says that he is very interested in a career in science.{{more}}

The 19-year-old gained an A grade in Chemistry and B grades in biology and physics (at Cambridge A level), and Grade II in both CAPE level Caribbean studies and communication studies.

“I’m not really ecstatic, but I am content,” said Andrews.

“I think there could have been a little improvement here and there. I’m a bit surprised with my results. I was expecting lower grades … coming out of my exams; I felt they were very challenging!”

The North Union resident said that in comparison, the examinations he sat for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) were much easier than those at college level.

“It was like a totally different forum,” he explained.

Andrews said that his study regime started a bit later than it should have, but it was intense throughout.

“I wasn’t a consistent student in the beginning, but I pulled it together in the end.”

Andrews explained that with his college classes finishing late, he would go home, sleep first, then wake up later to study.

“When you come home, you’re very tired…” he said.

Andrews, who gained 11 Grade 1 CSEC passes two years ago, as a student of the St Vincent Grammar School, said that he prepared for his Cambridge and CAPE examination with revision timetables, past papers and a lot of prayer.

“Prayer is essential. God really came through and answered mine,” he said.

Andrews said that he is interested in a career in medicine or chemical engineering, and will be pursuing further studies after an initial gap year.

He said that he is very thankful to his parents Gail Andrews and Wendell Toney, the rest of his family, his teachers, and also the people in his neighbourhood and his church — New Life Ministries — for their support.

“They all encouraged me,” he said. “A lot of people had faith in me!”

In his spare time, Andrews reads from several genres; is an active member at church, and listens to music.