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65 students participate in Union Island Summer School 2012


The second annual Union Island Summer School was held from August 2 to 9, organised by Claudia John, senior teacher at Mary Hutchinson Primary School and the Union Island Support Group London, chaired by Danny Scrub.{{more}}

Organisers say that the free summer school hosted 65 participants, aged 5 to 17 years. The themes covered during the programme include personal development, English, math and Union Island culture, focussing on the history of the big drum.

Vernalyn Blencoe gave an interesting history of the culture of Union Island. Several speakers also visited the summer school to address the daily assembly: Gloria Stewart-Morgan, author of “Union Island Revisited”, spoke about the writing and publishing process. Her husband shared some of his poetry and Leroy Thomas, a local businessman, spoke about the importance of children reading each day.

The children were able to brush up on their mathematical and English skills under the watchful eyes of Renwick John, Kissy Stewart, Claudia John, Ms Wilson and Salena Grey, a teacher from London, who volunteered her services for the second year running.

The children enjoyed a fantastic day out at Mayreau, sponsored by Wind and Sea Ltd, where they were able to explore the beauty of the island, snorkel, network and enjoy a delicious plate of chicken pelau.

A presentation ceremony was held on the final day. The participants recited poems and performed the traditional ‘Big Drum’ dance, which was well received by parents and well-wishers alike.

Organisers said that although the summer school was held for a short period, all the children rose to the challenge and excelled beyond their own expectations.

They further said that the school was a success, with children giving positive feedback at the end and indicating that they were looking forward to the next summer school in 2014.

The parents thanked Renold Thomas, the chief fund-raiser of the Union Island Support Group in London, for his dedication in raising the funds for the summer school. Organisers thanked all persons and entities that contributed to the staging of the event.