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VINSAVE summer programme climaxes with concert, exhibition

VINSAVE summer programme climaxes with concert, exhibition


The Vinsave summer programme came to a close with a grand concert and exhibition of children’s work on August 23 at the Vinsave Auditorium.{{more}}

Over 80 children attended the six-week programme, which was held under the Theme “Take a Look at Nature – Discover the Outdoors”. The children were engaged in a number of activities, which included field trips to various natural sites, where the children were given the opportunity to observe nature and its splendour. They also had a “Nature Scavenger Hunt”, where their creativity was expressed in the items they produced. They were also shown how to turn waste into a valuable commodity.

Dance, drama, poetry, as well as addresses from various speakers from the Solid Waste Management Unit, SVG Horticultural Society and the National Trust, added to the richness of the programme.

The closing ceremony heard an overview of the programme by facilitators, remarks by Janice Fraser, Director of Vinsave and performances by the children in dance, drama and songs all to the delight of their parents and guardians. Children received certificates of participation at the ceremony.