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Father explains why he took his children from their mother

Father explains why he took his children from their mother


Two weeks after taking his children Raissa and Andre Cottle away from their mother, Andre Cottle is explaining his actions.{{more}}

Rosmond Caine, the mother of the children, told SEARCHLIGHT last week Monday, August 20, that Cottle had “tricked” her when he told her he was sending the children to Petit Martinique for vacation on August 12.

She, however, said that she later found out that this was not the case.

She said she has not seen or heard from Raissa, who is 1 year 8 months old, and 3-year-old Andre since then.

“The kids are OK and are in good hands,” the father, however, told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday.

He further said that the manner in which he took the children was wrong, but it was done for a good reason.

The father said he is not pleased with Caine’s decision to publicize the matter and that he was offended by what she said.

“I don’t want no more publicity to make this matter a public fiasco,” he stated, adding that he only wanted to share his side on the matter.

Cottle, a paralegal, says he considers Caine to be “an incompetent and abusive person”.

The US resident said he got involved with Caine, a resident of Layou, when he returned home in 2008.

He disclosed that since then, they have been involved in a sexual relationship.

During the relationship, the two lived in a house Cottle rented at Layou, he said.

Cottle said he has experienced Caine’s unacceptable behaviour as a parent long enough and decided on what he considered to be the right thing.

He further said Caine “does not have good intentions”, adding that he had offered to relocate her and the kids to a “better” place in Vermont, but she refused.

He explained that the woman “cursed” and uses “profanity” in the presence of the children, hence his decision to move them from their Layou residence.

“She’s not a nice person and it’s unfortunate that for some reason I realize that now…

“So I chose to take my kids from her and place them in the hands of decent people until I come back down here in a few months to take them,” he stated.

“There’s so many things that I can tell you about this lady and if you are to visit Layou and just ask about her, people down there will tell you that she’s not a nice individual…” he added.

Cottle told SEARCHLIGHT that he has contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police Reynold Hadaway about the situation and has taken further steps in seeking “full custody” of the children.

But SEARCHLIGHT was unable to reach the Deputy Commissioner yesterday to verify Cottle’s claim that he had spoken to the cop.

“These children are naturalized American citizens for whom I filed … and they are my children,” Cottle further said.

“I’ve already spoken to the Family Court… I’m not saying that when they are gone that she is never going to see or hear from the kids, but they’re never going to live with her again, …” he added.

Cottle, 52, also has three adult daughters living in the United States.

He said he plans to take Raissa and Andre back to the United States in the near future.

He said he intends to ensure that the proper steps are taken for him to obtain full custody of the kids before he goes back to the United States.

He further said that he would then return for the children.

“They have all their documents … If they want they can leave tomorrow. I just don’t want my children growing up in such an indecent environment …” he said.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Department told SEARCHLIGHT that further investigations would have to be carried to determine whether any laws were broken.(AA)