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Woman repeats complaints about harassment by boys

Woman repeats complaints about harassment by boys


An elderly Green Hill resident says that she has been left “scared and frightened” by alleged harassment from two youths who reside in her neighbourhood.{{more}}

Robertha ‘Tiny’ Samuel spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, giving details of the harassment she claims she has been facing for the past five years.

Samuel, whose diminutive stature sees her standing at just under five feet, also claims that despite making several reports to the police, they have yet to take any action.

“All they telling me is ‘go and pray’,” said the 67-year-old retiree. “They telling me I must go church and pray ‘bout it.”

Samuel said that the alleged harassment intensified after one of the youths assaulted her with a stone three years ago. She reported the matter to the police and it was referred to the court.

“He threw a stone at me and it chopped me on my leg,” said Samuel. “Since then, the court case can’t come off. It keeps getting postponed.”

She said that the next court date is scheduled for next month.

“I just tired of all this. It stressing me. Watch how I come down thin, thin!”

Samuel said that over the years, her house has been broken into numerous times, and many items have been stolen – including jewelery, household appliances and food.

“They even thief soap!” said a visibly distressed Samuel.

In addition, she said that the two youths throw rocks at her house roof, causing damage to it and the rest of her property.

She said that she believes the harassment is politically motivated too, because she supports the New Democratic Party, while the two youths and their family support the Unity Labour Party.

“I don’t know what else to do,” she added.

Samuel also said that the two young men – aged 18 and 19 years old – have threatened to kill her and to poison her dog.

“I just want them to stop, and I want the police to do something,” she said. “I’m an old woman and I live alone. It’s frightening,”

This is the third time that Samuel has had her plight published in the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper – the first time being May 18, 2007, and in the September 30, 2011 issue, thereafter.(JV)