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Thomas Saunders girls among top CSEC performers

Thomas Saunders girls among top CSEC performers


Roxanne Richards and Nateisha John, both former students of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, are proving the point that academic success is not dependent solely on the institution one attends, but on how hard the individual student is willing to work.{{work}}

The girls are among the co-ed school’s top performers in this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

The two received nine passes, with Richards obtaining three grade ones: principles of accounts, principles of business and English B; four grade twos: English A, information technology, Integrated science and social studies and two grade threes: mathematics and spanish.

John received grade ones in principles of accounts, English A and B; four grade twos, in information technology, integrated science, principles of business and social studies and two grade threes: mathematics and Spanish.

“I am excited that my school is excelling,” Richards told SEARCHLIGHT.

She said that she is not surprised that she had done as well as she did, adding that she was always a good student throughout secondary school.

Richards said that she is grateful to God, good friends, especially her father Gareth Clarke, and her teachers at the school.

In terms of a career, Richards said that she is still undecided about what she wants to do, but is thinking about becoming an accountant, human resources manager or an economist.

She has decided to attend the Technical Division of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, because she said that she is impressed by that institution’s business programme.

Like Richards, John said that she is pleased with her performance, but thinks that she could have done better.

“I know I could have done better,” she said, adding that she was nervous before checking online for her results.

Among those whom she thanked for contributing to her success were her teachers and friends.

She said that she was also appreciative of her parents, who she said struggled and helped her along the way.

John said she too is contemplating pursuing a career in accounting, after being encouraged by a friend to do so.

She will be attending the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, after which she will look to attend university and then following a brief stint abroad, return to St Vincent to give something back to her country.

Both students encouraged the class of 2013 to study hard and urged them to get their School Based Assessment (SBA) projects completed on time, so they would have more time to study.

But most of all, they are both grateful to the institution that helped them to achieve academic success.

“It doesn’t matter what school you attend; once you put your mind to it, you can do anything,” John contended.

A Ministry of Education release said the Thomas Saunders Secondary School recorded an overall pass rate of 77.27 percent.

Among the school’s top performers were Richards and John, Angelique George and Rae-Dawn Thomas. (DD)