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St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown takes second place in CSEC Examinations

St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown takes second place in CSEC Examinations


The St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown is celebrating its historic performance in the May/June 2012 Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC).

For the first time, the school placed second in the overall performance of schools nationally, with a pass rate of 89 per cent.

“When compared with 2011, the students’ performance shows consistency in maintaining an overall percentage pass of 89 per cent with 100 per cent passes in 12 subject areas. Of the 73 who sat the exam, 12 students passed 9 subjects, 19 students passed 8 subjects, and others passed six and seven subjects.

“This is a very good performance from the students. The teachers must be commended for their dedication, hard work and patience in preparing the students. We will continue to encourage our girls to aim for excellence to improve the quality of their grades,” a release from the school stated.

Five of the school’s outstanding performers: Danniel Cambridge, Xena Williams, Zenica and Zanica Francis and Nadine Dornieden had the same goal heading into the CXC/CSEC exams. To get high grades.

Of the five, Danniel achieved four grade ones among her eight subjects passed, while Xena, Zenica, Zanica and Nadine all got three grade ones from their nine subjects obtained.

Danniel, 16 years old, described the preparations for her exams as challenging, but said she is overjoyed at her accomplishment.

“I didn’t expect to do so well, but my hard work has paid off and I’m happy,” said Danniel who will be attending the St Vincent Community College at the opening of the new school year.

Her focus now is, however, to remain focussed and continue studying as she heads into a higher level of education.

Xena meanwhile, told SEARCHLIGHT during a telephone interview on Wednesday that she is still in an ecstatic mood after receiving her results.

“I am a very ecstatic individual and the results just added to it,” she said in a cheerful voice.

The 16-year-old Richmond Hill resident said she was fully prepared for her exams, but, “fright took over” in the exam room, which resulted in her not obtaining higher grades in some subjects.

Asked about her parents’ and other family members’ reactions, Xena said everyone was “just happy.”

“They were very proud of me. They know what I’m capable of doing and they were like, ‘Xena, you could have done better,’ but they were very proud,” she added.

Her mom, Diana Scrubb, who answered the telephone when SEARCHLIGHT called, expressed satisfaction with her daughter’s performance and said she was “very pleased”.

Xena will also be attending the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

Twin sisters, Zenica and Zanica Francis, returned almost identical results.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with Zenica, who said that the exams were “not too difficult” because of her preparations.

“I studied everyday and my parents encouraged me to do my best and I felt like I had to live up to everybody’s expectations, because they expected great things from me and that’s what I did,” the 16-year-old said.

Like their classmates, Zenica and Zanica will be attending the St Vincent Community College.

“For that (Community College) I will try to my best as usual, by continue working hard to strive for the top this time,” Zenica said.(AA)