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Courts adds Energy Guide to its ‘Be Inspired’ campaign


Two weeks into their “Be Inspired” appliance promotion, furniture and appliance giants Courts has added extra value to the campaign.{{more}}

Now, customers purchasing a Whirlpool or MABE refrigerator from Courts will have a better idea of what the impact would be on their electricity bill.

Partnering with Herbert Samuel of Welectricty, the company has introduced its very own Energy Guide, which will inform customers on how much they would be spending on the appliance after purchase.

“Think of the appliance as having two prices; the first price is what you can see up front, the cost to take it home… The appliance also has a cost of running which most customers have no idea of what it is going to be,” Samuel said.

“I have helped Courts to estimate the amount of electricity that each one of the models of fridge would use under normal circumstances, and to put that information right up front on the appliance so that the customer can see what that ‘second price’ is,” he added.

The Energy Guide points out how many kilowatts per hour (kwh) the refrigerator uses yearly, which can be multiplied by just over one dollar, to give an estimate on how much it costs to operate the fridge.

Samuel said that customers of Courts will now be more educated on their purchases, and commended the store for the initiative, which he said could help persons to budget and save.

“From my perspective as an energy consultant, I can tell you that it is very good,” he said.

Marketing Manager of Courts Alexis John said that the initiative demonstrates the company’s corporate social responsibility.

“Conserving energy is a huge topic today, not only in St Vincent and the Grenadines, but regionally and internationally, so Courts is definitely way ahead of the pack in terms of this market.

“Being a retailer, we are really living up to our corporate responsibility by ensuring that our customers make the right choices, when it comes to choosing the right appliance for their budget and also for their life styles.

“We have listened to their cries for the need for energy efficient products and as usual we are making it very easy for them in their decision making. We are here to help our customers save and we cater for lifestyles and all budgets.”

Apart from saving energy and money, purchasers of Whirlpool fridges and stoves will receive a grocery voucher to shop at C.K. Greaves, while purchasers of any MABE appliance will receive a small appliance gift, namely a toaster oven or kettle.