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Lowmans Wd Anglican School holds successful VBS

Lowmans Wd Anglican School holds successful VBS


The Lowmans Windward Anglican School held a one-week Vacation Bible School from July 16 to 20, in keeping with its mission statement: “To provide a quality holistic education to all students based on their needs through utilization of various strategies and{{more}} approaches to equip them with the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to be a productive and innovative and critical thinking citizen.”

The theme for VBS 2012 was “God’s Promise”. Each day there was a different focus. These included: I Care About You, 1Peter 5:7; I Give You What You Need, Philippians 4:19; I Will Save You, John 3:16 and I Will Answer You, 1John 5:14. Participants were introduced to two characters Hunter and Madi. Madi wants to explore Promise Island, while Hunter stays glued to the television and his laptop. In the end, after much persuasion, Madi gets him to go on an adventure where he thoroughly enjoyed nature.

Over 80 students, ranging from age five to 13 years, were involved in Bible teaching, music, arts and crafts. This is the collaborative effort of the school’s principal Yvette Spencer Mc Dowall and Pastor Arthur Blevins of Word of Love Christian Church, Atlanta, Georgia. Pastor Arthur Blevins is also an elementary school assistant principal. His team comprised six adults, two of whom are elementary teachers and six young people. They were ably assisted by Susan Pope and Jasmine Spencer. All the materials for the Vacation Bible School were provided by Word of Love Christian Church.

The sessions were held from 9:30 a.m. to noon. In addition to being involved in the Vacation Bible School, Pastor Blevins and his team undertook the painting of all the classrooms on the lower section of the building. Some of the classrooms are now equipped with a library. Additionally, the rooms were decorated to make them more conducive to learning and teaching. The team has graciously and generously devoted its time, talents and materials to enhance the school environment.

This Vacation Bible School is the first of its kind in the school. The students had fun as the sessions were all interactive. Many wished it was longer. The week ended with a picnic at Black Point.