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Burgin – Stop spreading false information about the health sector

Burgin – Stop spreading false  information about the health sector


Minister of Health Clayton Burgin is “growing tired” of persons who he says spread false information that the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCHM) is not capable of delivering proper health care.{{more}}

Speaking at a handing over ceremony at the hospital on Monday, Burgin said that there are persons who use social media to “deliberately spread untruths to the world.”

Burgin said there are certain individuals who occupy positions of importance in this country who use social media, in particular Facebook, to disseminate fabricated information on the nation’s health sector.

He described such persons as “pathetic”.

“Those individuals appear to be oblivious of the damage that is done to our blessed nation in this regard. Those individuals will be best advised to seek the truth before engaging in negative activity,” the Minister stated.

Burgin disclosed that there are also persons who verbally abuse medical professionals, another act he describes as “unwarranted and unjustified.

“…I urge those individuals to put an end to the torrent of abuse on members of the medical and nursing profession … and unjustified attacks on the very professionals who are their relatives, their friends, their own supporters, who are all working daily beyond the call of duty to deliver health care appropriately and efficiently.”

“That is all I ask,” the Health Minister stated.

Burgin, who has held the position of Health Minister for the past five months, since a Cabinet reshuffle in February, said there is no doubt in his mind that the ULP administration is providing appropriate and necessary resources for the continued development of the nation’s health sector, “even in the light of the current global economic climate.”(AA)