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8 Students receive Basil Charles Education Foundation 5-year scholarship

8 Students receive Basil Charles Education Foundation 5-year scholarship

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Businessman Basil Charles has received high commendation from the parents of the eight beneficiaries of this year’s Basil Charles Education Foundation scholarship.{{more}}

The students are Jafari DaSouza, Tyree McDowald, Mukasssa Gaymes, Lericia Abbott, Lafesha France, Banisa Letteen, Chiarra Peniston and Aricia Jones.

At a presentation ceremony last Thursday, the students, who will be entering secondary schools next school term, were presented with full five-year scholarships.

The scholarships entitle them to EC$500 for the first term and $450 for terms two and three.

Merlen Castello, the grandmother of Jafari DaSouza, was one of the parents who spoke with SEARCHLIGHT. She described Charles’ actions as “a blessing”.

“I first have to say thanks to the Almighty God and that I am very grateful to Mr Charles and his Foundation for considering my grandson for a scholarship.

“I know in this hard economic times, things are very rough and for him to help so many kids at the same time is very considerate,” Castello said.

Charles, the proprietor of the world renowned Basil’s Bar on the Grenadine island of Mustique and another on mainland St Vincent, said he is propelled to continuing the program as a result of the success of the students who have benefited from the scholarship program.

Charles said he did not have the opportunity to complete school, but was “lucky to become successful” and is therefore now committed to help others achieve a proper education.

“We all expect government to do everything. Government can’t do everything. If one is successful, I think the best thing is to give back to your country. I think that I’ve been very lucky.

“I’ve been working since I’m 12 years old and as I said, I think I’m very lucky and very successful at what I’m doing and I would like to give some of that back to the kids because the youths are the ones who are going to take the mantle and carry St. Vincent and the Grenadines forward,” he said.

The first beneficiary of the Basil Charles Education Foundation was Rasbert Humphrey of Biabou, who now works at the Caribbean Development Bank.

“When you see how well they do with the opportunities handed to them, it makes you want to do more and I would like to do as much as I can,” Charles stated.

Since inception of the programme 17 years ago, 142 children have received scholarships.