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Diamonites four-day summer camp starts next week

Diamonites four-day summer camp starts next week


The one-week summer camp of the Diamonites Community Organization will take place at the Diamond Government School next week.{{more}}

For four days, children from grades three to form 1 will connect with their Vincentian culture through exploration of traditional art forms, weaving, drama, music and poetry. The Department of Sports will coach campers in netball, cricket and football, instilling in the youth the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, and encourage their positive growth and development through competitive sports. And, environmental programmes, led by the Japanese Volunteers and the Department of Forestry, educate campers on the forests of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the importance of environmental stewardship, culminating with a field trip to the Vermont Nature Trail.

The Diamonites Summer Day Camp is an inclusive camp experience that fosters positive character development through explorative programs in a safe and supportive environment. The camp provides children with a healthy place to build friendships, creativity, spirituality, knowledge, and leadership skills. Children that leave the camp program live out positive Vincentian values and are able to make good decisions. The Diamonites Community Organization hosted a three-week summer camp programme in 2011 that attracted over 100 children and adolescents from the community and surrounding areas. Children engaged in activities in sports, arts and crafts, reading and math, environment, drama and music.

The Diamonites Community Organization supports summer camp programmes because they offer children an opportunity to take positive risks, develop new friendships, and build relationships with role models. The camp gives children a place to grow and develop to be caring and helpful members of society. It also makes children healthy, where they understand the value of being well-rounded and active in life. The American Camping Association (ACA) found that summer camps assist in child development in three ways: (1) children develop more social skills and make new friends, (2) children grow more independent and show more leadership qualities; (3) children become more adventurous and willing to try new things. Summer camps have these positive effects, regardless of

the length of a camp experience and research shows that children can have a transformative experience in just a one-week period.

The camp is being held from July 23 to 27, with the generous financial support of the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, RBTT Bank and Courts.