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SVG’s first paintball field opens at Buccament

SVG’s first paintball field opens at Buccament


What started out as a means for forestry officials in North America to mark trees is now the latest alternative sport and form of recreation in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Persons looking for that alternative may find what they are looking for at Buccament Bay Paintball, says Tristan Punnett, the proprietor of the first ever local paintball field.

Punnett, who pointed out that he has been playing the sport for years, said that an activity of its kind is long overdue here.

“I used to play this whenever I go to the States. I have been playing since I was about 12 years old and always wanting to do it as much as I could; then came back after college and said things being the way it is, why not go into it for myself.”

A year in the making, the paintball field spans about half an acre of land space, with a number of strategically positioned hiding places set up for users of the facility, with plans already in place to expand.

“There is another half acre up in the bush that we are hoping to cut out so we can have a jungle field,” Punnett stated.

On these fields, players, dressed in protective gear, use a marker that uses carbon dioxide gas to propel gelatin filled balls at one another.

Punnett pointed out that various types of the game can be played, using the area provided.

“You can play elimination, last man standing, capture the flag, or play out a hostage situation,” he explained.

“The biggest rules are that masks should be on whenever markers are uncovered; markers should always be covered when persons are not wearing masks. If you get hit and the paint doesn’t break, then you’re still in the game. If you get hit and the paint breaks … you put your marker up and say ‘I’m out’, and come to an elimination zone and you wait until the game is done….”

Although it is considered an extreme sport in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Punnett stressed that extreme does not mean violent or dangerous, and stressed that safety is paramount at Buccament Bay Paintball.

Players are not only supplied with masks, but coveralls, neck and chest protectors are also available.

“If you wear the proper safety gear and follow the safety rules, paintball is one of the safest things you can do. Basketball players get more injuries than paintball players do,” Punnett noted.

The field, located not too far from the Buccament Bay Resort, has been applauded by users since it officially opened two weeks ago, and Punnett expects to see increased patronage during the summer and beyond.

It is currently open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, and persons wishing to use the field during the week should call to make reservations.

Punnett indicated that special group and corporate rates are also available, and pointed out that night games will soon be held.

Persons interested in making use of the field can get more information at [email protected], like the Facebook page or call 496-0855.