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LIAT reintroduces barrel special from San Juan


LIAT Cargo has reintroduced its Barrel Special from San Juan, in time for the expected high volume of customers who head to Puerto Rico to shop during the summer.{{more}}

Director of Cargo and Quikpak Wilbur Edwards said the response to the Barrel Special, which was first introduced in December 2011, was very good and with LIAT’s increased passenger services to San Juan this summer, the decision was taken to bring it back.

“We have decided to bring back the special on barrels to satisfy customers throughout the LIAT network who traditionally head to San Juan to shop at this time of the year for back to school and other supplies,” Edwards said.

“Customers can pack a barrel up to 200 pounds and pay only US$100 on the freight charge.

“In addition to persons shopping for their homes, we want to invite the business community to make use of our service to ship car parts, food stuff, clothing, and even moderately sized building materials,” Edwards added.

The Barrel Special, which is now in effect, will run until further notice. LIAT launched its dedicated freighter service in February 2011, using a Dash 8-100 aircraft with a capacity of 7,500 pounds.