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Cell phone security breach at prison a serious problem – PM

Cell phone security breach at prison a serious problem – PM


A breach of security which took place at Her Majesty’s Prisons recently is something that the government can do without.{{more}}

So says Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Ralph Gonsalves, as he commented on the Facebook page which an inmate was able to make posts to, while behind bars.

The account, believed to belong to remand prisoner Alaskie Samuel, was created on June 10, while the 27-year-old was awaiting trial for the murder of Ishmael Byron.

Dr Gonsalves said that act is something that must be taken seriously.

“It’s a problem.

“You want your prison to be a place where clearly articulated rules are being followed; you don’t want to have unauthorized communication between prisoners and the outside world. That’s a fundamental issue, because anything can happen. You don’t need to have the imagination of Einstein to see that challenges which arise there.

“Clearly you can’t have somebody who is a prisoner making use of a facility for which there is no approval being given for it,” Gonsalves added.

The account, which had seventy friends, was deactivated after its existence was publicized by SEARCHLIGHT.

It is believed that the page was created using a Blackberry smart phone; prisoners having access to cellular phones is a problem that has been plaguing the prison facility for some time.

“It is something that we obviously have to make sure doesn’t occur again. We have had a problem with cell phones in the prison and that’s why, from time to time, we have to do searches with the police and Special Services Unit.

“It may well be that some of the searches have not been effective outside of when the police go.”

Dr Gonsalves pointed out that he has been advised that the problem of cell phones has not yet surfaced in the newly activated prison facility at Belle Isle, and hopes that it remains that way. (JJ)