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“Completely overwhelmed”, is how veteran Calypsonian, the Rolls Royce of Calypso, Winston Soso described his reaction to Nelson Bloc’s 2012 presentation ‘Dat is Sos’.{{more}}

The presentation pays tribute to the great Vincentian musical icon, whose music has spanned decades and whose music has reached all across the globe.

From the beginning, the band came up with a concept to pay homage to Soso because, according to Band Leader Sean Brewster, the trend is usually to honour legends long after they are already gone and they cannot appreciate what is being done for them and to thank them in person for their contribution.

However, coming up with an appropriate name proved challenging.

“We had a lot of input from persons who all said that this was a very difficult concept,” he said, adding that the process to come up with a name had started.

Credit would eventually have to be given to Hugh Raguette, who after being approached by Brewster, coined the phrase ‘Dat is Sos’ in the same way people reacted to Soso’s big hits.

“It’s something we thrive on; we thrive on being innovative and creative in the band,” Brewster told SEARCHLIGHT.

“This is something new we are treading into…we are treading into an area where you wonder if persons would appreciate what is being done for them,” he continued.

The 2012 presentation features, for the first time, an all-out tribute to the great Vincentian artiste, with nine sections which have been adapted from nine of Soso’s biggest hits of all time.

Vintage jams such as ‘Anniversary Jam’, ‘Put Your Hands in the Air’, ‘Pan Yard’, ‘I don’t Mind’, ‘Ah feel to Party’ and ‘Big Bottom’ have been included in the line-up.

But, according to Brewster, selecting such a limited few was no easy task, and it basically came down to compromise.

“A lot of the band members are fans of Winston Soso and they would have their favourite songs and you have a multitude of them (songs) and it came down to compromise,” Brewster told SEARCHLIGHT.

The songs selected are nine of the biggest, he said.

“These nine are big, so people can say “Dat is Sos,” Brewster told SEARCHLIGHT.

And from all indications, the concept has gone over well with the master himself, who said that he was appreciative of the gesture.

“I got excited when I heard members of Nelson Bloc said that they wanted to do a tribute to me…I mean you could imagine what that did,” Soso told SEARCHLIGHT.

He added that he felt great inside and that he must have done something right.

“I cannot find the words to say,” he remarked, as for a brief moment, he shed some tears.

He said that it was a great feeling, adding that there were probably not very many people who have had the privilege to be honoured in this way.

But, most importantly, both men said that when it came to this year’s presentation, it was not about winning the coveted ‘Band of the Year’ title, but to show appreciation and for him (Soso) to say thanks to the people.

“It’s a great feeling and I am excited,” he said.

As for the band, Brewster said that Soso’s reaction was rewarding enough.

“This is our victory, to feel appreciated by someone that has done so much to Vincentian Mas and Vincentian culture,” he said.

His music will forever live on in the hearts of the people, and this was the trademark of a person worthy of being honoured for their contribution to the art form over the years, Brewster contended.

He encouraged everyone to come out at Mardi Gras, saying that there was something special to witness.

Registration was also picking up, as the band leader said that they are ready to show the public what is one of their greatest innovations. (DD)