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MCMH Pediatric Ward gets additional seating, compliments of The Beauty Shop

MCMH Pediatric Ward gets additional seating, compliments of The Beauty Shop


Parents who spend time at the Pediatric ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital no longer have to wait their turn for a seat, nor do they have to stand while visiting their children, thanks to a donation of six additional chairs from Sylvanie Little, owner of the Beauty Shop hair salon.{{more}}

Little told SEARCHLIGHT that she observed that there was a need for additional seating at the ward, and took it upon herself, with the assistance of her staff, to raise funds to purchase the chairs.

“My son came here one day and I saw the need, so I put myself in the way so I can help out.

“We decided to raise the funds to purchase the chairs through our clients making donations at the salon…”

She, however, explained that while not every customer was able make a contribution towards the cause, she is very grateful to those who did, making it possible for the donation.

“We could only manage to donate six chairs today, because the funds we raised were not sufficient, so we bought the six chairs,” Little added.

Meanwhile, Staff Nurse Lewis, upon receiving the chairs, commended the donor for her contribution and described the donation as a timely one.

“I am very excited that you have taken the time out to donate these chairs to us. From time to time, as you know, we normally have a little shortage, because the pediatric ward is a small unit and at times we have large amount of children being admitted,” Staff Nurse Lewis said.

Lewis also gave the assurance that the staff at the Pediatric ward will try their very best to take care of the chairs “and I know that they will be of good use to the parents.”(AA)