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Kingtown Preparatory School wins Spelling B

Kingtown Preparatory School wins Spelling B


In what should have been a nine-round Karib Cable Schools Spelling Bee competition, the Kingstown Preparatory School had to persevere through an additional three rounds before copping the Champion’s trophy.{{more}}

With a fairly large gathering of parents, teachers and schoolmates cheering them on, the Kingstown Preparatory out-spelled nine of the nation’s other primary schools at the Methodist Church Hall on Friday, June 29, in the finals of the competition.

At the end of the 9th round, the Troumaca Government, Lodge Village Government and the Kingstown Preparatory, were all tied on 36 points.

To settle the score as to which school was top speller, an extended round was held, but all three schools misspelt their words.

It was in the 12th round, however, that the spelling team of Jordan Hamlett, Melissa Adams and Aranique Stapleton-Jackson of the Kingstown Preparatory broke the three-way tie to become the 2012 Karib Cable Schools Spelling Bee champions.

The excited trio told SEARCHLIGHT they are all satisfied with their performances and are honoured to steer their school to victory.

“One thing for sure I’m glad to get it over with and I’m very happy we won,” said Jordan.

Apart from lifting the championship trophy, the school also won several prizes, including two desktop computers and one television. Each student on the team received a DVD player and a flash drive.

The Lodge Village Government School took second place and received one desktop computer and one printer. Each student received a digital camera and a flashdrive.

Third place went to the Troumaca Government School. They received an LCD projector, while each student received an MP3 player.

Individual awards were also present in the areas of best spellers, which went to Akeem Joseph of the Lodge Village Government School and Aresia Jones of the Troumaca Government School.

The prize for the most supportive team went to the Lodge Village Government School.(AA)