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Man in custody after altercation at Mt Wynne

Man in custody after altercation at Mt Wynne


Affiene Frederick, sister of slain Barrouallie woman Michelle ‘Florna’ Frederick, is still reeling in shock, hours after her sister was stabbed in front of her and later succumbed to her injury.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the town of Barrouallie yesterday, the feeling of sadness in the community was palpable.

Affiene, whose voice was still hoarse because of all the shouting on Sunday, said she was with her 37-year-old sister and another friend at Mt Wynne, where a beach party was being held.

While there, Affiene said Michelle’s ex-boyfriend Charlston Audain came to where they were standing and started speaking.

“He come and ask her (Michelle) for some beer and she refused. Me say take mine and gwane…,” Affiene recounted.

According to Affiene, Audain refused the beer from her and repeated that he wanted beer from Michelle.

“…He say ‘after yo sister na war gimme none, me nah war none’… Me say, man, look the beer and he drink it and my sister walked away…”

Shortly after, Affiene said Audain accosted her sister and questioned her about who had brought her to the event. “He dey ah say, “Who bring you ah Mt Wynne, who bring you ah Mt Wynne, ah yo man?’… So me say, ah who man that? Ah one man from Leeward give we ah ride…,” Affiene explained.

She noted that Audain left and her sister and a friend went to use the washroom.

“When she come back, me nah been ah study them because me been ah dance…When me look around now, me see the two of them ah wrestle up and their daughter jump pon he back and try pull him off of her and me go pon top ah he and toss he aside…,” Affiene related.

“When them dey ah ground ah scramble up, scramble up, me look and see ah knife in he hand… Me say like this ya, ‘Florna, come back, don’t run, then me see he run… When we been coming up off the beach now, me see he running coming with he empty hand, so me pick up ah coconut shell and blast it after him and he run in the bush…She na even been know that she get stabbed,” she continued.

The mother of two was stabbed on the left side of her abdomen. She would have celebrated her 38th birthday on Saturday, June 30.

Meanwhile, mother of the deceased, Vangie Frederick, said that she has not been able to sleep since hearing the dreadful news.

“I am just praying to God to give me faith, courage and strength,” Frederick said.

The distraught woman said she was sitting at the roadside on Sunday night, when she received a telephone call stating that her daughter had just been stabbed.

Frederick also mentioned that she has been hearing different stories surrounding her daughter’s death, but now, she just wants closure.

She described her daughter as a jovial, but quiet person. Reflecting on the last day of her daughter’s life, Frederick said as her daughter was leaving home, her ex-boyfriend told her not to come back to his house.

Frederick noted that even after the relationship between the two had ended, they still lived together.

“She always complaining to me about him, because he used to say he go kill her. One day, he come by my home and tell we he go kill Florna give we,” Frederick said.

At press time, Charlston Audain, a 40-year-old chef of Barrouallie, was in police custody assisting police with investigations.