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Julian Francis: If you have a problem with Buccament… call me!

Julian Francis: If you  have a problem with  Buccament… call me!


General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and Minister of Transport and Works Senator Julian Francis has appealed to persons who have a problem with the Buccament Bay Resort development to give him a call.{{more}}

Speaking on Star FM on Tuesday evening, Francis said since he spoke on the Buccament issue on May 29, he has not done any further investigations.

He, however, said he has received calls from “one or two” persons who indicated that they are having problems with the project.

Francis said the persons who contacted him explained what the problem was and within a short space of time, the problems were dealt with.

“Believe it or not, we got it resolved in a very short space of time to the satisfaction of both parties, Buccament and the individuals. Sometimes it take a little effort and patience and interest to get these things settled,” Francis said.

“I make the appeal; if you have a problem with Buccament, and its a real problem, call me, don’t be afraid. Tell me what it is, and I will see what I can do to have the matter resolved. Sometimes when a matter gets so old, both sides lose patience and endurance,” Francis said.

In his May 29 broadcast, Francis said the EC$400 million Buccament Bay Resort development is a child of the ULP administration and must be protected against those who want to bring it down.

Last Tuesday, Francis noted that his comments on the Buccament Bay project have “served its purpose”, as since then, there has been “in some cases, heated debate”, which is healthy for the settlement of the entire situation.

He said he maintains one hundred percent support of the project.