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Senator notified there was a letter – Eustace


Anesia Baptiste had been notified that there was a letter for her to pick up at the New Democratic Party (NDP) Headquarters.{{more}}

President of the NDP, Arnhim Eustace, speaking on the New Times radio programme yesterday, said that after a decision had been reached in relation to Baptiste, he then proceeded to write to the Governor General seeking the revocation of her senatorial position.

“The letter would have gotten to the Governor General sometime at the end of the working day on Wednesday afternoon,” Eustace said.

This comes in response to Baptiste’s claim that the first time she was hearing that her senatorial appointment had been revoked was when Eustace made the announcement on radio on Friday.

But according to Eustace, he called his secretary around 8:30 on Thursday morning and requested that she contacted Baptiste to inform her to come and collect a letter at the Party’s headquarters.

Eustace said his secretary did this, and was told that Baptiste’s husband was on his way into Kingstown and that he would pick the letter up, as was the norm.

That letter was a copy of the letter sent by Eustace to the Governor General, requesting revocation of the appointment.

In the meantime, the Governor General responded to Eustace’s request and he wrote to Baptiste on Friday, advising her that her appointment had been revoked. That letter was sent to the party headquarters, for pick up by Baptiste, last Friday.

“The Governor General also phoned her home to indicate that a letter was there for her and I am told by my secretary that no one collected the letter until sometime after 3 p.m despite the fact that they knew the letter was there – that was the factual information,” Eustace said.

Immediately following Eustace’s announcement that he had written for Baptiste’s position to be revoked, Baptiste posted on Facebook that she had heard about the revocation for the first time on radio, as she was preparing to go to Nice Radio to make her contribution to the New Times radio program. (DD)