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Stop playing politics with our banana industry


Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar says as the son of a farmer, he is ready to take on the Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace at anytime on issues concerning Agriculture, and more specifically the banana industry.{{more}}

In an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Caesar also called on Eustace to stop playing politics with the banana industry.

During the New Times programme on Nice Radio, broadcast on Monday, April 16, Eustace again called for a repeal of the Banana Act of 2009 and for control of the industry to be passed back to the farmers.

Saying that the industry is “on death row”, Eustace also said something should be done within the shortest possible time to put the industry back on its footing.

Responding to Eustace’s call, Caesar told SEARCHLIGHT, “It is either the Opposition Leader has no understanding of the concept of death row and was using the term very loosely, or he is attempting to place his normal attitude of hopelessness on an already successful attempt, so far, to revitalize our banana industry.”

Caesar said the sentiments of the Opposition Leader are not those that would foster productivity or drive farmers to increase production.

“Those farmers who sent their bananas to the UK last Sunday do not want their loved industry to be judged by the Opposition Leader, sentenced and placed on death row.

“Operation Cut-back will continue, and I am calling all farmers to come on board and do not allow anti-progressive opportunist politics to drown the reality that success comes from hard work, irrespective of the task.” Caesar added.

Shipment of bananas to the United Kingdom resumed on Sunday, April 15, after eight weeks with 1,935 boxes of bananas being exported.

The Agriculture Minister said this is “a step in the right direction of the industry’s recovery process.”

“As I said before, one box of banana shipped to the UK is a success, but close to two thousand boxes is indeed a great success!”(AA)