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Still no DNA results for decomposed bodies discovered last year


Police are still awaiting the results of DNA testing being done on tissue samples from three decomposed bodies discovered last year.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller told SEARCHLIGHT he has written a follow-up letter to the testing lab concerning the results.

However, he is yet to receive a response, Miller said.

One of the tests is to determine whether a body that was found in the Dauphine-Welcome area on October 30, 2011, is that of missing woman Shanika Small. The corpse was discovered by Police a short distance from the Fenton mountain.

The other test is in relation to Anthony “Brassy” Nero, 52, of Redemption Sharpes. On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, a decomposed body, believed to be that of Nero, was found in a septic tank in the yard of the house of Stefforn Williams at Redemption Sharpes.

Samples from the third body believed to be that of 12-year-old Layou resident Stephon Miller have also been sent for DNA testing. The decomposed body was found by police on Friday, November 4, 2011, in an area of the Layou mountains known as ‘Hunt Hole’, five weeks after Miller went missing from his London Road, Layou, home.(KW)