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LIME announces $500,000 for Vincy Mas 2012

LIME announces $500,000 for Vincy Mas 2012


General Manager Leslie Jack has announced that LIME, this country’s leading telecommunication provider, and Super Platinum sponsor of Vincy Mas, will invest over $500,000 this year in the festival dubbed “Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”.{{more}} This announcement was made at the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) press conference held on Tuesday, April 17, to launch this year’s Carnival poster and view card.

LIME and the CDC are in the second three-year contract, and both parties have expressed satisfaction with the partnership over past five years. The partnership has seen some innovations over the years, and this year the telecommunications provider and the CDC will be using technology to take the festival beyond our shores.

Speaking at the press launch, Jack said: “with the advent of social media and the Internet, streaming of shows must be one way of broadening the audience and still being able to collect some revenues from them, even while they are in their living rooms anywhere in the world. We are in the process of working with a third party provider to get this done professionally this year. Our Carnival sweepstake will excite our customers, and they will be able to “Free Up” for Vincy Mas with some very affordable offers on all our product lines. Our investment this year will include sponsorship of pan, rural Carnivals, Mas, popular fetes and the LIME Free Up Monday Band.”

Jack promised that LIME customers will be in for a treat, and revellers can expect the biggest Monday Band ever, with more than seven thousand strong in the band this year as the company partners with Presidente Beer and SLR.

CDC Chairman Dennis Ambrose expressed pleasure at negotiating the contacts at a time when the world economy was in turmoil. Ambrose said: “When we made a decision to sign three year contracts, it is now proving to be a good decision since the circumstances in the world economy haven’t change, but we still have a commitment from LIME. When a company decides to take risk we ought to be loyal to them. LIME has proven to be a reliable partner and we look forward to a lasting relationship”.

Marketing Manager Fitz Huggins has made a commitment that LIME will be present from launch to Mardi Gras. Huggins said: “Our commitment to Vincy Mas is unquestioned as our record speaks for itself. From launch to Mardi Gras, LIME will be there with you. You will see LIME: On the road for the launch of Vincy Mas; On the LIME Promenade for our usual Carnival Promenade Fridays, look out for new innovations this year as we partner with local cuisine and cultures; Our Carnival launch Party will be Massive this year. Stay tuned for details; Sponsorship of Soca Dans; Sponsorship of famous DJ’s; Sponsorship of the popular fetes; Miss SVG, we will once again have a delegate representing LIME at Miss SVG and we hope to take the crown this year; The biggest Monday band will again be the LIME Monday Band; Mardi Gras, LIME will be in a band.”

Huggins continued: “We had some major successes last year, with the Soca Monarch champion Fireman Hooper coming from the LIME Soca Dans camp and the coveted title as the largest Monday Band. We hope to repeat in 2012.”

This year again we will be sponsoring Five rural Carnivals, including South Leeward, South Rivers, Calliaqua, Mespo and North Windward.

The LIME Carnival Launch Party, in collaboration with Presidente Beer, will be launched at the Victoria Park. Patrons can expect premium entertainment from top regional and local artistes at the most unbelievably affordable price.

Beside the revelry and celebrations, LIME customers will take advantage of the Carnival Sweepstakes which will provide opportunities for customers to win lots of prizes daily. Without a doubt the Carnival network again is your Super Platinum sponsor of Vincy Mas and SVG leading telecommunications provider LIME.