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Ministry meets with banana farmers

Ministry meets with banana farmers


Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and other stakeholders began meeting with banana farmers yesterday, to discuss the Recommercialisation Plans for the Banana Industry.{{more}}

The series of community meetings have been organized to update farmers on the three phased program now being implemented to rehabilitate the industry.

According to Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson, the rehabilitation program, which is being called ‘The Recommercialisation Plans for Banana,” involves the “Operation Cutback” of fields affected by the leafspot disease, Black Sigatoka; the execution of an effective aerial spraying program, supported with ground spraying; a Replanting Program, which takes into account the choice of suitable varieties, access of clean planting material and other assistance necessary to facilitate the replanting process.

Additionally, Robertson stated that the discussions will involve the marketing of bananas to the UK and regionally.

The team of officials will be led by Minister Saboto Caesar and will include other senior officials and representatives from WINFA/Fairtrade and WINFARM.

The meetings will be held in the following areas at 4:00 p.m. each day.

Yesterday, Monday, April 16, a meeting was held in Georgetown for farmers in the Rabacca and Langley Park areas.

This afternoon, the meeting will be held at the Colonarie LRC for farmers in the Park Hill, South Rivers and Byera areas. On Wednesday, a meeting will be held at the North Union LRC for farmers in the Diamonds, Lowmans, Greiggs, Chapmans and Biabou areas.

Thursday, April 19 will be the turn of farmers in the Marriaqua Valley. They will meet at the LRC at Evesham.

On Tuesday, April 24, farmers from Vermont and Belle Isle will meet at the Vermont Community Centre, while on Thursday, April 26, farmers from Chateaubelair and Richmond will meet at the Richmond LRC.

A special invitation is being extended to all banana farmers and others interested in investing in the industry.