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Love Fest in The Valley

Love Fest in The Valley


For another year, God has shared his love with the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines through his servants Apostle Marcia Creese and Pastor Ezekiel Creese (the visionaries), representatives from the England contingent (Evangelist and Deacon Doyle, Minister Brown and Minister Daniel), and the members of Faith Word Ministries Inc.{{more}}

This year Love Fest was held in Mesopotamia valley which is known as the bread basket of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, on Easter Monday (April 9, 2012). God has raised up Faith Word Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Pastor Marcia Creese; to go ye into the world to preach the gospel to all humanity, to bring deliverance to the captives, to serve as a clinic, ministering to the broken hearted, recovering of sight to the blind, healing the sick and those that are bruised and glorifying God in the power of His word throughout the earth; reaching the lost at all cost.

Love Fest is a charity event that God placed on the heart of Apostle Creese, to pick up the fragments that none should be lost according to the scriptures. Through the dedication of the brethren at home and abroad we were able to minister to the spiritual needs of the people through the preaching of the word of God, prayer, counseling and admonishing the people that Jesus cares, He heals and satisfies. The Bible tells us that we should minister to the whole man, feeding the people spiritually as well as temporally. Hence, we feed, clothe, provide school and medical supplies to every person. There is great satisfaction in touching the lives of others. We experienced this satisfaction in Mesopotamia as the people came out in their numbers to receive God’s love. We were grateful for the presence of Hon. Girlyn Miguel who fellowshipped with us.

Love Fest started in the year 2004 and God has allowed us to minister to several communities, including Dauphine, Roseau/Walvaroo, Greiggs, Sharpes, Sandy Bay, Glen and Barrouallie. Love Fest in Mesopotamia marked the 8th one that was held here in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We honour God for the mighty work that he has accomplished in the valley.

Faith Word Ministries take this opportunity to thank all those who were instrumental in making Love Fest a success; those who donated to the work of the Lord we say thank you. We appreciate our brethren from England and the United States of America who continue to work arduously and contribute to this work. We love you, God loves you. We encourage you people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to “Come Associate with Love Fest and Be Blessed.”