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Leave Out Violence in SVG Association to host rally

Leave Out Violence in SVG  Association to host rally


Persons who are hoping for an end to violence and crime, especially domestic violence and violence against women, are expected to be part of a march and rally spearheaded by Vincentian/Canadian Nailah John.{{more}}

The event, which takes place this Friday, April 20, is just one part of activities planned by John’s Leave Out Violence In SVG Association (LOVNSVG), which plans to bring further awareness to the increase in violence and crime in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

At a press conference held at the Grenadine House in Kingstown Park yesterday, Monday, April 16, John gave an overview of Friday’s milestone event, which she hopes will attract the masses, and have a long-lasting effect on the mindset of Vincentians.

“We will start assembling at the Peace Memorial Hall at 4:30… and march down to KFC on Bay Street, and then over where Corea’s is (on Halifax Street), and back up into Heritage Square for the rally.

“I will be giving a speech and there will be poetry by Writers’ Flow. We have Island Networks on board, Fireman Hooper, Luta, Shaunelle Mckenzie, Danielle Veira and Hans. We also have Diya, First Lady, and also a group from Colorado; one of them is a Vincentian; his name is Dr Love, and he has brought two Americans down who will be performing our theme song Stand Up….They have all come forward to assist us with this rally against violence and crime in this country.”

John indicated that presentations would also be made by a representative of the National Women’s Congress; and it is hoped that Commissioner of Police Keith Miller will address the function.

Toni Johnson, Vice President of the local arm of the Association, who accompanied John at yesterday’s press conference, indicated that the rally intends to promote a positive and peaceful overtone, and artistes and presenters will be spreading conscious messages through their songs and speeches.

“….Don’t expect any ‘hype’ music at the event. Some of the new music that will be coming out will be music that speaks towards respecting women, domestic violence and issues pertaining to trying stop violence; that’s the real focus of the event….

“Also at the event, we will not be promoting alcoholic beverages and so on…. At our event, we will also be recognizing the No Bottle Policy, and security will be very tight at the event, because we will be dealing with a very volatile issue.”

John, who was born in Canada to a Vincentian father, said that she started the non-profit organization last December, after overwhelming reports of violence and crimes, especially against women, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, were bombarding her social networks on a regular basis.

The Vancouver, British Columbia based John, with degrees in sociology and criminology, started the movement with the creation of a Facebook page, denouncing the events that were taking place in her homeland.

“I just couldn’t sit there and do nothing; I had to do something, so I started a Facebook group and in one week we had 1,500 members,” she recalled.

“And then I established the non-profit in Canada; and from there, I’ve been working very hard to make this organization a successful organization.”

The women made an appeal for all Vincentians to show solidarity towards the cause, by attending Friday’s march and rally.(JJ)