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1,935 boxes of bananas shipped to UK Sunday


Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar has described the resumption of shipment of bananas to the United Kingdom as an “overwhelming experience”.{{more}}

“One box of banana shipped to the UK is a success, but close to two thousand boxes is indeed a great success!” Caesar told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to Caesar, 1,935 boxes of bananas were shipped to the United Kingdom on Sunday, April 15.

“In all, there were 43 pallets, amounting to 37 tonnes that were shipped off to the UK,” he said.

Sunday’s shipment came following an eight-week suspension of shipment of bananas to the United Kingdom, which allowed the Ministry to implement “Operation Cut Back” for banana farms that were severely affected by the Black Sigatoka disease, Caesar said.

According to information provided by the Minister, loading of the ship was completed at 10:20 p.m. last Sunday.

In a brief interview yesterday, a proud Caesar said Sunday’s banana shipment was as a result of “Operation Cut Back”.

“Operation Cut Back, in its fifth week has reported significant success.”

He further stated that Sunday’s shipment was an “overwhelming experience” for him and other members of his ministry along with the farmers, “who have worked so hard to ensure the recommencement of shipment of bananas.

“It brought significant joy not only to myself, but also to the Chief Agricultural Officer who I must commend for taking the entire Sunday off to visit the fields where the farmers were cutting.

“We are all overjoyed and the farmers were extremely delighted,” the Agriculture Minister said.

Bananas were last exported to the United Kingdom on January 27, 2012, when 180 boxes of bananas were shipped. Since then, all the bananas exported from these shores have been sold on the regional market, either through Winfarm or through regional licences.