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Youths attend UNICEF Journalism workshop

Youths attend UNICEF Journalism workshop


Close to 40 youngsters attended the second installment of the UNICEF sponsored Adolescent Journalism Workshop which was held here last week.{{more}}

The workshop, which took place at the Girls’ High School from April 2 to 5, was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Media Unit, and saw the potential media workers exposed to various aspects of journalism, including broadcast and print, with first hand training being delivered by veteran journalists Lester Phills, Patrick Knight and Julius Gittens of Barbados, and Vincentian Junior Jarvis.

The students were split into two groups, where they were involved in creating video productions, comic strip cartoons and opinion pieces for their blog site (

The workshop, according to Knight, the UNICEF representative, is designed to make the students more aware of the role of UNICEF, as well as to build a cadre of young journalists in the region.

The workshop was first held in here in August last year; but has been taking place in other Caribbean countries for some years now.

The participants received certificates for their participation in the workshop, which they described as educational, as well as entertaining. (JJ)