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Youngsters better equipped to spread the Word of God

Youngsters better equipped to spread the Word of God


Following five days of fellowship and spiritual nourishment, 64 of the nation’s young people are now better prepared to withstand worldly temptations and spread the Word of the Lord.{{more}}

The youngsters assembled at the Bishop’s College in Kingstown from March 26 to 30, as part of a five-day Easter camp, held by the Inter-Schools and Colleges Christian Fellowship (ISCCF).

David Peniston, Camp Director, told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday that the inaugural camp was a success.

He said that the organizers are quite satisfied because they have seen where the students have grown from one stage to another in their Christianity and are now able to study the Bible more independently.

“We’ve seen changes in the lives of the students,” he said.

Peniston further noted that now the camp has ended, the aim is to have the students go back into the schools and lead other students on the path of righteousness.

“They will also be able to take up leadership roles in the ISCCF and they will be able to start ISCCF groups where there are none in the schools.

‘We are also hoping that they will start small prayer and Bible study groups, not only at school, but at home and church as well,” he added.

With the aid of 20 facilitators, including visiting Indian national, Parrot Sahayam and her family, the youngsters were engaged in day to day discussions about the power of prayer, the Bible and how to become good Christian leaders.

Tyrese Jackson, a student of the St Martin’s Secondary school and a born-again Christian for the past year, was one of the camp’s participants. He informed SEARCHLIGHT that he attended the camp with the intent to learn more about God.

“Before I came, my belief was not strong towards God, but after being here I realized what being a sinner really is and I saw what I was doing wrong and started to what is right.”

He advised other youngsters who are non-Christians that if they want to enter the gates of heaven, they need to start going to church and become saved.

Another participant, Keturah Rogers, a Christian for the past four years, said she enjoyed each day at the camp mingling with other young Christians, while learning new things about being a Christian, including the power of prayer.

“We were taught that if we do not repent our sins, God will never hear us because our sins are blocking those prayers.

Keturah went on to state that despite the challenges young people may face as Christians, she still believes that the best life to live is a Christian life.

“Probably it can be hard and challenging but it’s the best life anybody. God has done so much for me and he can do it for you,” she said.

Shyan Homer, also a Christian for four years, described the camp as great and uplifting.

She explained that giving your life to God is the best thing anyone can do.

“Follow Jesus and ask for his guidance because he is the only one that can help you,” Shyan told SEARCHLIGHT.

Meanwhile, Alex Davis, another participant, will be celebrating his fifth year as a Christian in November, and according to the youngster, he enjoys living for Christ, and while at the camp had the chance to strengthen his belief more.

“We got to learn more about God. We learnt how to pray. We also learnt more about how to go out and witness to others and being a leader.

“I also had the opportunity to make new Christian friends,” he said with a chuckle.

The ISCCF is part of the Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF) or Inter-Scholastic Christian Fellowship which is an international Christian youth ministry that works with high school students.

ISCF also exists around the Caribbean and in other countries worldwide, including Canada, the United States of America, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.(AA)