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Splectron – No one jumped over board after fight broke out on board ship

Splectron – No one jumped over board after fight broke out on board ship


Promoters of the “Hot Gal part 3” boat ride to the Grenadine island of Bequia have hailed the event a success, despite rumours that patrons had to “jump over board” as result of a fight that occurred during the activity.{{more}}

Held as part of the Easter Monday activities, promoter of the event, Regis ‘Splectron’ Williams told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that despite a “fight” between a young lady and a male patron, “the event was well organized and a success.”

Splectron, as he is commonly known, dispelled rumors that persons had to seek cover after the fight broke out and that some persons “jumped overboard”.

“The boat ride was well planned and organized,” Splectron stated.

He explained that the boat, MV Jaden T, had already returned to Port Kingstown, at about 4:00 p.m, but as part of the surprise package that came along with the event, the organizers decided to journey to the Questelles beach for the climax.

“We were heading down the Leeward course to a little party at the Quetelles beach, where we would have given out different prizes and giveaways.

“Unfortunately, though, there was a young man that was harassing a female, touching her buttucks. She would have warned him about doing it and he repeated the act and she slapped him in his face,” Splectron said.

The young man then retaliated, the promoter said.

As a result, a number of female companions of the lady intervened and a small fight broke out,” Splectron said.

Splectron went on to inform SEARCHLIGHT that a no bottle policy was in effect, but bottles were seen during the altercation.

“We had a no bottle policy on the boat, but I guess those persons might have sneaked on the bottles on their return from Bequia,” he further explained.

According to the promoter, no serious injuries were sustained during the event and “everything was back to normal after security intervened.”

However, the boat never got to the Questelles beach as planned, because of the incident.

Despite Monday’s problems, Splectron has revealed that on Saturday, April 14, he will be hosting his annual “Coco Cola SpeFair of the year” event, to be held at the Victoria Park.

Saturday’s event, according to the promoter, is a fund raising event for Jevorn Nimblett, a student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary school seeking medical attention after sustaining injures during a vehicular accident.

A celebrity football match with individuals such as Skinny Fabulous, Candy Man, Splectron, Madzart and Miss SVG, Aviar Charles will take place during the fair.(AA)